Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tax Return Shopping Relief & Emerson Row Kitchen

So, this is the ER kitchen so far (no kitchen furniture, sorry!). I cut this paper wonkier than usual, but had left over ceilings, so I used it with the wall and it looks pretty nice. The floor is made from Greenleaf peel and stick tiles. This picture is without flash.

This picture is with flash so it's a little washed out, but it gives you an idea of how the room is shaped. Don't laugh at my window seat cushion, I can't sew! It's just fabric glued to a shape covered by fun foam.
Also, I did my taxes early. Usually, I save half of it and spend the other half on fun stuff. I bought my boyfriend his birthday present (we are going on a mini vacation to a town close by and staying in a nice hotel and going to do funny, cheesy touristy stuff). Also, I ordered a bunch of stuff from Manor House Miniatures.
I ordered 2 ReacJapan chairs (she has really good prices on these, too, and 2.95 shipping on any size order, so if you find ones you like, it's a lot cheaper than bidding on Ebay and paying like 12.50 shipping per item), 2 unfinished wood pieces for the Emerson Row, and a bunch of fun little things, like milk and juice containers and cakes (I always order a cake, even if I've started making my own) and little vases and all kinds of things for the kitchen.

Here is a closer view of some of the stuff... I love the little teaspoons and bundt pans. The beer tankards are for my dream of having a sweet bar in the Georgetown.

Also, there were grab bags up for offer, at 7.99 a pop. I ordered 3, and though they were kind of hit or miss, there were some fun surprises.
This one came it a bunch of little things. I like the books (who can't use some more mini books?), the brooms, and the little silver angels.

This one came with some nice cut out printie type things, which I've mostly put together and some sponge brushes, which are always useful. I also really like the holiday decorations, the stack of newspapers, and the head statue thing.

This bag had a bunch of curtains and a bedding set in it. I have been trying to get my mom into minis and have been toying with the idea of starting her a house... these things could be saved for that. I like the lamp.
Every one of these came with lady bugs and a bunch of Dollshouse Emporium plates. I'm wondering if I can paint over the designs on the plates somehow... that way I can use them. Also every bag came with a little kitten and Halloween puzzle. Weird. All in all, they were fun.


callsmall said...

Hi Tarkus! Nice progress with the house. Thanks for the recommendation on De Joux, although I could not find any Reac chairs on the site...perhaps they ran out? I did see a Vasily chair, but not Reac.

tarkus said...

Oops, I meant Manor House Minis... edited to reflect my dumb mistake!

callsmall said...

THANKS!!! Amazing Reac buys. SO cheap (of course, I managed to blow $50). I really appreciate the reference to that site.