Thursday, July 30, 2009

I'm around here somewhere!

Well, the weather this summer has been pretty awful, huh? I've actually gone to the pool when it was like 74 degrees and cloudy just to get my money's worth out of my season pass! It's been so un-summerlike that I didn't even have my first funnel cake until a week ago! And now I know it's almost fall because I just had my birthday, which is always symbolic of autumn for me b/c as a child and even a teenager, I always got back to school stuff as presents!

Anyway, as the nights are getting a little bit longer, I can feel my urge to mini start to bubble up again. I've been collecting Re-Ment a ton now that I found a store in Pittsburgh that actually sells them (blind-boxed, though). I've wanted a Blythe doll for a few years now, and my sweet boyfriend bought me one as a present for the b-day (guess I'm too old for back to school clothes!) and I love her... I took some pics with little bits of Re-Ment.

So, hope everyone is having a nice summer and having lots of adventures and funnel cakes! Talk to you soon!