Thursday, January 29, 2009

House of Miniatures Kit attempt #1

So, last weekend it snowed alot... so I shopped on Ebay.

I won this kit for like $3. It's kind of traditional for my liking, but for a bohemian chic house, it could work.

It was super easy to build and only needed sandpaper, glue, and paint.

I painted the first coat cream, then added crackle medium, and then a light coat of aqua paint. After the crackle finsihed, I sanded to make it look more aged and went over the whole thing with a thin wash of brown paint to dirty it up a bit. After that all dried, I applied some matte Modge Podge and Voila! Once again, due to my sucktastic picture taking, you don't really get the details, but it looks great and I'd recommend these kits to anyone (you can always find some on Ebay).

Polymer Clay Miniatures

So, after a really long time, I decided to try polymer clay again... I've been reading a bunch of tutorials and stuff, and here is what I came up with.
Not perfect (and my picutre taking sucks) but everythng is pretty identifiable. There's donuts, croissants, cookies, eclairs, bread, cinnamon rolls, some fruit pastries, and some candles. The candles are really cute and were super easy to make. I just rolled some yellow and translucent Premo clay together, formed into a log, cut to about 1/2 inch, squashed a little, and made some thinner rolls for the waxy melty bits. The wick is just black clay rolled really tiny and inserted into a hole in the top. After I baked, I coated in matte sealer. I'm going to make a bunch because I decided that the Emerson Row is going to be bohemian chic.

Monday, January 26, 2009

D.I.Y. ?

January in Pittsburgh has been pretty much full of two things: freezing cold weather and Steeler-mania. For me, of course, this means my boyfriend spends Sundays on the couch drinking beer, and even if he didn't, it's so F'ing cold outside that I just want to stay in here making a mess, gluing tiny little things together while watching the latest and greatest VH1 reality dating show.

Anyway, I've been trying to make the Emerson Row a little more funky, bohemian, and kind of more personal than my Georgetown. I'm trying to make some more stuff or modify stuff that I buy.

So far, this is the living room. The wallpaper is scrapbook paper I bought when I was visiting my parents and the ceiling is one of those common white ones painted with metallic copper paint. I love it so far! I also made the window seat cushion with some fabric I found randomly while looking for ribbon, and some thin batting and cardboard.

This just shows more of the ceilings. I ran out of decent glue so the ceiling lamps are kind of just floating. These ceilings are metallic silver and blackened bronze metallic paint.
I painted this Chrysnbon chair kit cream, then pink with copper accents for the coffee shop. It came out really cute.

I've also been experimenting with printies. The sketch book and the watercolor books have pages with little tiny sketches and paintings on them.

Here are some floors I've been working on for the Emerson, using Greenleaf peel and stick tiles and wood:

And the finsihed wood floor (it looks really cool and old in person, I'd highly recommend these wood strips, they are cheaper than the normal wood flooring sheets and seem more sturdy and versatile)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Emerson Row progress

Hello! It's been a while, again... I'm lazy with the blogging, I suppose. With the holidays, travelling to visit my family, party planning, work, and now playoffs (ha), it's been kind of busy. Luckilly, now, things seem to be slowing down a bit. The Emerson Row has siding on it now, and is seeing little bits of progress every week. I think the colors look great together.
Anyway, Michael's is having a pretty sweet clearance sale, so I have about 30 pieces of scrapbook paper... if only I could decide exactly how I want the inside!