Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sew-mania, and dollhouse shopping!

So, it's been a while, but don't doubt that I have been busy with crafting and real life (stupid work, stupid cleaning the apartment, planning a halloween party, eating brunch...)

A few weeks ago, the annual Greensburg (near Pittsburgh) dollhouse show was held, and I had a really fun time this year... I didn't drink the night before so I was perfectly prepared for shopping! And shop I did... these pictures are kind of cruddy, but they give you an idea of the cool things I bought. I was in a holiday mood (I'd love to do a Halloween or Christmas themed mini store or house, even, someday).

Below are a few of the purchases I made... The first pic shows a cool Bodo Henig manger scene. Also, a pumpkin pail filled with candy, a fiesta-style pitcher (I have a real life one in kelly green), and an adorable bloody mary tray with cocktails and trimmings.

Here is a ginerbread house, a pumpkin, and a fiesta style holder full of kitchen utensils.

A purple dollhouse to go inside of my nieces purple dollhouse, some rococo-style porcelain wall hanging things (for the Emerson Row boho house), and a bunch of HOM kits (I got 6 for like $40!)

Here is the whole haul. including a red step up chair that I see sold everywhere, but love. It reminds me of a chair my grandparents had in their kitchen when I was little.

Also, a washer and dryer for the Emerson Row basement!

Okay, so much for those poor quality pictures. Here are some pictures of sewing type things I've been doing lately. The first is the beginning of the teen bedroom for the Emerson Row. The bed and shelves are Daisy House kits I bought heavily marked down on Ebay. I made the bedding, curtains, pillows, and stool thing. The stool is an empty thread spool covered with batting and then I glued on some fabric. It was cheap, easy, and I think it came out pretty cute. One day this room will have a floor!

I finally made bedding for the girl's bed for my nieces dollhouse. Here it is in the E.R. basement just for photo's sake. Making these doll comforters is a good way to practice sewing by hand, and also easy to do while watching tv on dvd!

The E.R. master bed is also dressed in this awesome brocade pattern fabric (it is sitting in the E.R. living room for now!)
Finally, I've been trying out more involved Blythe patterns, and I'm getting a bit better at sleeves and collars. This is one of my favorite outfits so far, even if it is a little Little House. It's even got bust darts! Woot! With cheap fat quarters and a little practice, anyone, even me (who has been sewing for like maybe 4 months now) can create some cool dollhouse textiles, or a Blythe wardrobe. Since the dolls cost so much, who wants to spend a lot more on pricey dolly clothes - I'd rather hit up a J Crew sale for myself!
As always, thanks for reading! Hope everyone is having a great fall!