Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Moving time!

So, this weekend is the big move, and I'm only about 30% packed... which is why I am on the internet, reading stupid things on Wikipedia, and drinking fruit punch.

Anyway, in dollhouse news, I've made a few exciting purchases. I won a couple new ReacJapan chairs on Ebay for a super good price, also, I won some of the smaller-sized Re-Ment items (cute little office-y type things). Also, on my local Pittsburgh Craigslist, I found an old Greenleaf house for $20. It's a house no longer made called the Emerson Row, which I think will look just perfect as a rented city house for some young 20 something types or college students. No pictures, because all of that stuff actually is packed. I'd love to find a really cool, Parsons-esque desk (really straight lines) and some miniature computers that don't look clumpy.

Maybe I should pack my internet and Buffy dvds so I can finally pay attention and pack everything else?