Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New Desk (and an office setting)

In the last few weeks during my tax-return fueled spend-quest, I bought 2 great pieces of Paris Renfroe furniture, a table/desk and a coffee table. Here are some pictures of the desk in an office setting. Thought it looks great as a desk, I would like to use it as a dining table in a future house (besides, I've been eying up like 3 desks at Elf Miniatures!)

As always, forgive my awful picture taking ability. I was doing this in between trips to the laundry room...

Notice the Prismacolor pencil box and the watercolor notepad... those were made from free internet printies. Also, notice the Chia Pet because it is awesome.
A lot of the stuff on this desk are made from printies, too, including the how to draw book, the Spanish for Dummies book, the legal paper, the post card, and the money (which is kind of hidden but looks pretty great!)

HBS 40% April Fools Sale!

What did you buy from for the 40% sale? Last year I bought RGT's 333 Franklin Street Townhome (still in a box!) which I can't wait to build some day. This year I bought the Bay Window Shop by Houseworks and it was about $50 with shipping (I was tempted to buy either a Lily dollhouse kit, or a Brookwood... but I think I want something smaller and less messy to work on next).

These shops are fun and easy to build, and a great way to try out new things. I never would have put craft stick floors or paperclay in my $300 dollhouse, but in a smaller shop, it is easier to try and less disasterous if the attempt goes wrong. Plus, they come with the cute windows and doors and trim. I'm thinking I might try to get my boyfriend involved with this one, and maybe make a Pittsburgh tourist shop complete with sports team merchandise, local books, gift baskets, etc. Alot of the stuff could made with a computer and a printer. But who knows, plans always have a way of changing!