Thursday, January 29, 2009

House of Miniatures Kit attempt #1

So, last weekend it snowed alot... so I shopped on Ebay.

I won this kit for like $3. It's kind of traditional for my liking, but for a bohemian chic house, it could work.

It was super easy to build and only needed sandpaper, glue, and paint.

I painted the first coat cream, then added crackle medium, and then a light coat of aqua paint. After the crackle finsihed, I sanded to make it look more aged and went over the whole thing with a thin wash of brown paint to dirty it up a bit. After that all dried, I applied some matte Modge Podge and Voila! Once again, due to my sucktastic picture taking, you don't really get the details, but it looks great and I'd recommend these kits to anyone (you can always find some on Ebay).

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AF4564 said...

It turned out great!