Tuesday, February 17, 2009

More Kit Goodness!

Oh, Ebay...

Oh, well... at least these kits were bargains, and for the most part super fun. I think they turned out to be pretty unique. It would have been pretty cool if they continued to make these in all sorts of styles (modern kits would be pretty sweet). I have 6 more kits on the way.

Below is a line up of: the Houseworks kitchen cabinet (from the HBS catalog, it is the sink/stove unit with a different sink in it and a counterop made of natural stone looking scrapbook paper), the tilt-top table kit, the something cabinet or cupboard kit, and the half circle table kit from before. This room will one day be the kitchen by the way, I love this wallpaper so much (40% off a whole book of paper from Michaels with coupon!)

This is the triple tiered server thing and the wing chair. The chair was a pain, but it looks ok. I think the server will be cool in the office, with all sorts of supplies on it.

Close up of bathroom cabinet.

Close up of wallpaper/ half moon table.

These kits were some sort of side chairs and some sort of tea table (maybe?) kit.

I love the couch! Cheap fabric, cheap couch, and I didn't F it up really! The footstool is another kit.
This is a shop sign kit from HBS for the coffee shop. It is decorated with some cool coffee neon stickers I found.
Lastly, not a kit, but here are some pillows I attempted to make from scraps and ribbon, and some curtains and the window seat I made. All in all I think most of these came out pretty girly and fun!


Debbie said...

Thank you for saying Hello on my blog. I've added your blog address to my Mini Links page.
Mini Hugs

studioseven said...

You are really good at creating (or should I say recreating) those distressed finishes. Such a great detail.

Thought you might find the Design Within Reach traveling exhibit of the 50 best champagne cork-chair design to be interesting. I think I'm going to try to attend the exhibit when it comes to DC next month. Check it out here: