Friday, February 27, 2009

Emerson Row Progress (kind of) & More Kits

Here is where the Emerson Row is right now: the roof is finally on! My boyfriend said tonight that it is finally starting to look like something resembling a house :( but I think he just gets upset because 1. I'm so messy and 2. I get engrossed when I'm in the dollhouse zone and kind of ignore him. Hey, he gets the same way when his Wii or the Steelers are involved.
The roof will be shingled, sometime hopefully in the next year, and there is trim getting ready for the eaves. There are also bits of stairs somewhere in the lving room.
I love the paperclay foundation, especially now that it is painted. It was easy and cheap to do. All you have to do if you would like something like this is roll out some paperclay, carve it in your shape, beat it up a little bit with bristles or anything to give it some texture, and let it dry. I roll it onto the house directly, but put a thin layer of tacky glue on first.
The painting job was achieved by mixing 50/50 cheap acrylic and water. I used 3 washes, a darker brown, a lighter brown, and a grey.

This will be a bedroom. I know the pattern is big, but it is kind of cool and modern, get girly. There will be trim to cover up my poor cutting skills.

This will be the office/ den sort of area. I think I might carpet it.

Here are some recent kit boxes from Ebay.

The mirror, however, is a lost cause (b/c I broke all of the fancy trim... now it will be just a plain mirror.)

Here are the lyre back chairs, the sideboard, the bedstand, and a footstool (came in a group lot, and it is so easy to build, so I kept it.) The handles are glued on clearance beads.

Sorry for being so long winded tonight!

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