Thursday, February 26, 2009

Coffee Shop Additions

Last time I could drag my boyfriend to take me to the craft store, I found these cute little wooden chalk boards in the wood craft aisle for about $2 for a pack of three. They are perfect for menu chalk boards for the coffee shop! I just wrote really small with a white Prismacolor pencil and voila, menus for the coffee shop. Super cheap, easy, and cute.

Here they are hanging in the coffee shop, along with some cool coffee shop stickers I found when I was buying stuff online. They were on sale! Also, in this picture, I made the apples on the counter.

Just a view of the front currently!

Here is another nice view of the coffee shop. Next time I'm working on it, I'll take some better pictures of the pastries in the counters. Now, I'm just trying some small cafe style tables. And a fridge that fits in.

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