Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Miniature chairs taking over! (and a new action figure!)

I've been buying a ton of mini stuff lately, which I guess is ok, because I haven't been buying clothes (I tend to get really lazy and buy new clothes when I don't feel like doing laundry.) Here are just a few of the things I bought...
A modern style tv from HBS. Flowers from a store we visited on fake vacation.
Colorful dishes from Ebay, lots of kitchen implements from HBS and Manor House.
New coffee table, tv, food, water, basket, vase.

Beer, tankards, Xander.
Not all of these are new, but this is my entire mini chair collection. I bought 3 of these on Ebay in the last few weeks.
There are more items not in the pictures. More stuff coming in the mail. More stuff all over my living room! More stuff I am "watching" in My Ebay. More stuff I envy on other blogs! Argh!

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Angela said...

Hi Tarkus,

I love how you've put action figures in your dolls house, I've been planning on doing the same, but wondered if they would go alright, but yours seem to go in perfectly, love Xander playing with the saw - though he'd best be careful with it!

I also have an ebay addiction, and buy way more than I really need - but love every one I get!

Thanks for doing such a wonderful blog!

Angela :)