Monday, March 9, 2009

Tables, tables, everywhere

Had a 20% of coupon for an entire purchase at Michaels, and combined with an annoying week at work, and voila- retail therapy...

Wandering through the wood aisles, I noticed these 3 inch candle stick holders (2.99 for a pack of 4) and these 3 inch circle cutouts (2 or 3 dollars for a pack of 6). I cut off a little from the candle holders and glued on the circles and now I have some tables for the coffee shop. They are painted and everything (forgot to take a picture). Also, the cut off bit could be a planter or a vase of some sort.
I ordered 2 Daisy House kits from Ebay from a going out of business miniatures store, and put them together. They were very easy, and seem to be very adaptable to different styles (much more so than the HOM kits). In the below picture is the plant stand kit from Daisy House, as well as the unfinished table now finished from the Manor House sale, and some little cute bird pictures I made from square woodsies, some paint chips, and cutouts from a catalog.
Here are the Daisy kits finished, painted black and modge podged in gloss. They remind me of IKEA Lack tables, with straight and simple Parsons-y lines. I'm going to squeeze them in the Georgetown with my modern decor.

Also, here is another weird grab bag I ordered, this time from Ebay. I think I'm going to stay away from grab bags for a while, because I get such strange things. The usable stuff included a gum ball machine, a little log holder for fireplaces, and a tiny Almond Joy candy bar. The other stuff, not so much. I guess maybe I have a little bit of a gambler in me... maybe next time I'll just buy a dollar scratch off ticket, because it would be cheaper and less disappointing!

Until next time...

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