Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A dollhouse for my niece

My brother and his wife are having a baby girl, she is due to be born in June and her name will be Kylie. I know that everyone will be getting all kinds of baby clothes and stuff like that, so I am making her a dollhouse. Here is my progress so far (I've been working on it about 3 nights a week!)

It's not really my style, but my brother has like a dark wood dining room table and goes white water rafting. (In RL, my bf and I have a vintage formica dining room table and my outdoor activities pretty much end with drinking baybreezes at a local water park-- which has a bar, so... you know, two birds, one stone). The address on the house is their address, and I have all kinds of furniture kits to build. I figure, this way, she could play with it growing up, and every year for special occasions I can buy her something new for her little house. I want to miniaturize some family photos, especially of family members who she will never get to meet, but would have loved to have known her. Maybe I will include some dorky pictures of my brother when my mom dressed him up in toddler Miami Vice gear (he had some incredible height on his spiked hair!)

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studioseven said...

This is such a lovely and heartfelt gift. You have chosen some bright and cheerful colors for the rooms. The same address and the mini family photos are fantastic touches. I can't imagine her not growing to really love and cherish it over the years. Best part you are passing your beloved hobby on to her. All the best.