Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Store progress (Houseworks Street of Shops)

I had a field day at Michael's today (lots of good bargains) and worked a little on the shop after work. The outside is now aged (with a wash of brown paint, crackle medium, and sanding) and I've begun working on the inside walls.

Also, all polymer clay 2 ounce packs were on sale for 99 cents, so I've begun experimenting with it. So far, I suck, and that's ok, but at least you can tell that my coffee mugs are coffee mugs... at least I hope so!


drwende said...

That is definitely a coffee mug!

If it starts to make you really crazy, diner white mugs are pretty easy to find in 1:12.

Paint and finishes look great! (And it's so funny that you've immediately fallen into the "let's do a smaller project first because it grabs me" trap -- everyone who builds dollhouses does this, and it's why I have a trail of supplies running the entire length of my tiny apartment even though I swore I would not do this again!)

Caseymini said...

Great colors on the store front.I can't wait to see the coffee house when you finish! Thanks for stopping by my blog. You were the first to drop a comment.