Monday, February 11, 2008

The beginnings of a living room

So far, the living room is kind of a mess. The blue tape blob is a light I hardwired when I was learning how to tape wire the house, so I kind of had to paint around it. The room still needs all of its trim. There isn't alot of space, so I don't know if I can fit everything that I'd like to fit.

The walls are 3 different colors (tan, fuschia, and a striped and glossified piece of scrapbook paper). The couch and ceiling light are from Dollshouse Emporium, the fireplace is a cheap wooden one that I painted and added some mosaic stones for the hearth and a painted brick latex sheet to the interior walls. The mantle is covered with marble effect paint chips from Lowes which were then coated with decoupage gloss. The cow print chair is from ReacJapan, bought on Ebay (can't say enough about the Designer Miniature collection!) The floor is a Houseworks wooden sheet stained with a mocha wood stain. I've started stiching some toss pillows, and I'd love some black and white photos on the wall and a shag area rug. Just wait until you see the lamps for this room.

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