Monday, February 11, 2008

The kitchen, so far

Ok, so maybe the kitchen looks a little more 70s than modern, but perhaps we can pretend that it was redesigned 30 years ago and it's imaginiary inhabitants really dig the green and gold grooviness of the whole thing.

The patterned wall is a pice of Martha Stewart scrapbook paper, the fixtures were a Christmas gift from my lovely boyfriend (from Dollshouse Emporium). The chairs are Bozart, and the various little things were either gifts or bought at the dollhouse show we attended in October. I particularly love the mini Fiesta-ware type dishes (thanks, Mom) and the little liquor bottles set out on the breakfast table. The floor is a clear vinyl sheet with a 3D pattern you can paint any which way you like (puffy paint works well for grout with its pointed tip). The sheets (it took 2 of them) were from HBS. I still need a fridge, and a wall phone. And lots of food.

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