Sunday, February 24, 2008

Even more store progress!

While I bake some more clay, here are some pictures of my progress on the coffee shop this week:

The floor is done with cheap, $2.99 a bag skinny craft sticks and some left over varnish. I like how it kind of looks worn out. The stones in the front are paper clay (I've started painting them tonight) and the walls are now embelished with left over trim from my dollhouse and some sale ribbon. The wainscoting on the back wall is made from popsickle style thick craft sticks painted deep purple, then coated with crackle, and painted light greyish-white.

The good news is I finished my taxes today, so I feel a shopping excursion coming on. I am searching still for mini cappucino/ espresso makers. I bid on a fridge magnet that's slightly bigger than scale but detailed and sleek looking. I may even try out the Re-Ment coffee makers, since they look modern (even if they are bigger). If anyone has any other suggestions... please PLEASE write me!


Caseymini said...

Tarkus, I like what you are doing with the coffee house. The floor looks good.

I did the curtains. The method that Judee Williamson taught years ago. LOTS of pins and some ceiling tile to pin it to.

I am just wondering how you found me. Are you on the Greenleaf forum?

Modern MC said...

Hi Tarkus!

I got some of my coffee/espresso makers from the following places: Mighty World Dessert Cafe, Lil' Bratz Fashion Mall E-Spresso Internet Cafe, Re-Ment and Bodo Hennig(red modern version). Hope this helps!