Friday, May 1, 2009

Baby Present Accomplished!

I finally finished my niece's dollhouse this week after an emergency order from HBS for some "hard wood" flooring (their shipping was so fast, as it generally is, and I had 22 bonus dollars to spend...). We are leaving for the drive across PA in about an hour, but here are some pictures of the finished house.

I still have things I'd like to buy/ make for it, but it turned out to be a big project to accomplish in 2 months (considering almost everything in the house is made from kits or handmade). I still want to make family photos, etc.. and it needs some kitchen things.

The pictures are in no particular order, mostly because I am lazy and still have to pack.

The whole back of the house:

The porch with some hanging plants (bought from HBS):

The whole front of the house:

The couch, built from a vintage Realife Living Room kit bought in a lot of mini stuff from Craiglist:
The whole living room, complete with House of Miniatures clock kit & end table, Realife couch, coffee table, side table, and chair, and poorly homemade curtains & pillows:

Picture in kitchen from catalog with Chrysnbon frame:

Future kitchen with House of Miniature chairs, cool tile wall and floor, and lace curtain (made by gluing a piece of lace to a painted stick and gluing it to the window!):

Detail of homemade bedding, and homemade frame and catalog cutout picture in bedroom. Furniture from vintage Realife bedroom kit bought from Craiglist (got 2 Realife kits, Chrysbon kit, bathroom set, and a dollhouse kit for $20)

Michaels $1 hutch painted and decorated with scrapbook paper in the room which will be the little girls room one day (I have some more kits arriving):

View of whole little girls room with homemade curtain:

Upstairs hallway with H.O.M. table kit and homemade painting (from a catalog, with a "matte" made from a paint color sample from Loews!):

Whole bedroom, homemade curtains, bedding, Realife kit furniture, Chrysnbon kit chair, rug I accidentally bought 2 of, and a hat I received in a grab bag decorated with scrap ribbon and lace:

Office room with cool adhesive ribbon trim on walls, chair from kit bought from HBS, desk and shelf (can be separated) from Realife Living Room kit, vases are little wood bits from Michaels:

Me with the dollhouse in our messy living room... I call our decor, contemporary clutter!

The bathroom pictures didn't attach, but bf is getting eager to begin our 5 hour odyssey! I'll attach them soon, just because the hutch in that room is very cute! Anway, see you next time!


Altera said...

Wow - I LOVE it! I'm so impressed and I'm sure your niece will be delighted! Lucky girl!

Oese said...

It's very wonderful - I espacially like the colours - such a harmony. There are a lot of doll's houses with dolls and pink colours I don't like so much - but this one is great. Looking forward to seeing more!
Regard from Germany

tarkus said...

Thank you guys so much! Coming from the both of you who do great stuff and have such great blogs, it's an honor!

Pubdoll said...

I also love this house and it's bright colours! I agree with Oese, I'm getting rather tired of alle the pastel childrens rooms out there in the dolls house world! Nicely furnished, too! Your niece is really lucky, this is a house I would have loved my daughter to have!

Oese said...

It's me once again. I have to tell you, that I think of these colours day and night.
Because I have a green sofa in my 1:1-livingroom, I wonder if I should paint the walls in this lila you chose. It is so wonderfull!
You see me very much impressed.

studioseven said...

What a masterpiece, this came together so very well. I hope the presentation of the gift was great fun as well. Congratulations!

Susan said...

I love the modern look, too! Most of my dollhouses and roomboxes are modern day themed.