Tuesday, May 5, 2009

In other doll house news...

Working on the Kylie dollhouse was fun, but since it had time constraints, it got to be like a chore sometimes (especially in the end, rushing to finish the floors and furniture). However, in the last few months I've still been trying to keep up with other mini things.

My modern dollhouse is a mess right now, but I ordered a few more designer chairs (this lot of 4 cost 99 cents plus $11 shipping... $3 a chair is a steal!). I also ordered the laptop and TV from a seller in Hong Kong. The computer came with a perfect little cell phone and the TV has a remote. They are very cute and realistic. I also ordered the modern style vacuum from HBS with my last order (though I'm sure the people in my dollhouse hate vacuuming as much as I do!)

The Emerson Row is currently holding a lot of craft supplies. The poor thing is a mess.
However, I did assemble and stain the bed (an HOM kit) which I plan to make bedding for sometime soon, probably in cream and white with some blue trim.

Lastly, a few months ago we were killing some time before meeting some friends before brunch when I decided to visit a store here in Pittsburgh called Kawaii. They had a bunch of Re-Ment for sale there, and it lead to a new Ebay obsession! Here are my little Re-Ment all in a shoe box. It kind of makes me want to build a play-scale house or buy a ridiculously priced Blythe doll and give her a weird name!
I entered a contest on the Re-Ment USA website and won a free, supposedly rare set called something birthday cake which is too cute. It has a red and white polka dot tea set, all sorts of little desserts, and a cake with candles.

See you soon!


Katie's Clay Corner said...

...I just love your chairs!

And I had to laugh about the house...Cora's house looks a little like that too....It's just so much easier to have everything where I need it, then having to hunt down stuff. And I'm also starting to fall in love with those ReMent stuff......Do you know of any stores that sell it or is it just found on Ebay????

tarkus said...

There are a few websites that carry Re-ment sets that are in America... Pink Ponytail is one (pinkponytail.com), Thisisblythe.com sells some of them, and nrfbqueen.com sells a ton. Overseas, there is Angolz.com and some others that sell pre-orders and full boxes. On Ebay, there are some great American sellers, too (if you want to keep shipping down). I think the name of one of them is everydayresource.

Oese said...

I like the Re-ment items too. But it would be better to see in in natural life than on pics. I think, they are in different scales. And I was surprised, that you purchased it from Hongkong too. I wonder why there are no shops in all countries, when the people all over the world will buy Re-ment. Hum.
Congratulations to your new items and nice to see the mess in your dollhouse. mine looks very often like this.

Felicity said...

thank you for your lovely comment on my bog, I love your modern house, I want to do a modern one one day!, and i love your chairs, i have to confess i've got a blythe mainly because i fancy making little clothes!!
felicity xx

Oese said...

hello tarkus,
there is an award for you waiting. if you visit my blog next time, you can pick it up and give it to 10 blogs that are cool in your opinion - if you want!

callsmall said...

Hi Tarkus -- Since you were the one who recommended Manor House Miniatures to me for their Reac chairs (only $2.95 flat shipping!), I wanted to let you know that I heard from them that once they run out of their current Reac stock, they will no longer carry the chairs!!! Boo hoo! This also means that they will not carry volume 6.

mysticalpenguin said...

I love your blog! I have an emerson row too, so its neat to see what someone else has done with the same kit. I got mine intending to make it Victorian style...but it looks so much cooler in comtemporary style.