Sunday, September 13, 2009

Back from Vacay-- Also, anyone want to trade Re-Ment?

UPDATE: in case anyone wants to swap, still, the chocolate set and fairy tale dishes set are spoken for! thanks!

Hello, there! Well, we just got back from our vacation to the shore... where it rained everyday except for the day we left and the sun peeked through the clouds for like 5 minutes the whole week. Of course, now we are back in Pittsburgh and Voila! The sun is out, it's blue skies all around, and pleasantly warm.

Anyway, I took my Blythe with me, and was afraid to take her out until the last day because of the rain. But here are a few pics of her hanging out on the beach. I made her dress from an pattern.

Anyway, what I really wanted to talk about was trading Re-Ment. I have a few doubles and actually like buying blind boxes but don't want to have to go the whole selling route. I would love to trade for your doubles, sets you don't really like but that I don't have, any dollhouse miniatures that fit my style, or anything Blythe related. Maybe even for leftover fabric/ trim or craft supplies? If anyone is interested, here are the doubles I have right now:
This set has a lot of little pieces, but the best one is the plaid thermos with removable top... it's very cute and would look great with a Blythe or a Barbie.

This set has a cute box filled with wafers, 2 gelatto bowls, and gelatto in a pan. I like the wafers and box, especially.

I actually bought this set on purpose, and then got it in a blind box like 2 weeks later. It's so cute! It comes with 5 plates and plate stands that tell the story of Riding Hood. Great for display in a Blythe or Barbie house, or maybe even as over sized decorative pieces in a 1/12 house!


A very nice set that will make you crave chocolate just looking at it! Comes with a tray, and cup of cocoa and a saucer, a plate with removable ice cream and a separate lava cake with fudge. Also comes with fork and teaspoon. Oh, and little tiny decorative raspberry garnishes. Seriously a nicely detailed set.

So, if anyone is interested in trade, please contact me via the blog and then we can trade emails or whatever! See you soon!


Kathi said...

I don't have any ReMent but I've been looking at some. I guess they are too large for a 1:12 dollhouse?
They are really cute. I know someone will want them!

tarkus said...

Hey, Kathi

These sets for the most part would be too big except for the plates which could be hung on the wall in something like a whimsical shop or something.

Some sets that to me seemed decent for 1/12 were the Girls in the City set, for the most part and some of the Teatime collection. I'm sure there are more. The American market sets are way too big, and seem bigger than most Re-ment sets in general.

callsmall said...

Hi Tarkus, definitely interested in trading some Re-ment! I have a double of the Mini Sweets #3 (Birthday cake set), and also Special Cakes for Me # 7 (Garden Party). I have a store by me that has blind boxes, but the selection is really limited. So, I end up buying online a lot. Do you buy online or at a store? Also, I started a wiki for 1:12 Re-ment to see what will fit best in the scale. Check it out, and contribute!

tarkus said...

Hey, Callsmall, long time!

The 1/12 Re-ment blog is fabulous (and now in my favorites!). Also, I love those 2 sets you have and if you would like to trade, I'd be totally down for that. I have the boxes and cards, and everything is still in the plastic. My email is yodaspice at homtail dot com if you want to exchange info!

We have 2 stores, but they are they same company and they have about 10-15 sets at a time but I have been getting a lot of doubles... but I like going there because they have a ton of hello kitty and sanrio stuff, and I buy the little overpriced stuffed keychains for my blythe doll to use as stuffed animals!

callsmall said...

Cool! I emailed you just now! Please join and contribute to the wiki, since it seems like you are building your Re-ment collection! :)